October 20, 2014
NFAFA Requested Bill Filed in Texas!
ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!NFAFA’s FIRST BILL to be filed in TEXAS!The NFAFA has our first bill to announce!!!I have been working these past few weeks to get a bill sponsor to reform Texas TPC 46.05 to repeal and replace the Texas NFA “defense to prosecution” law with an affirmative right to possess NFA items, as long as they are registered pursuant to the NFA.Thanks to the hard work of a number of people including our friend Jason Hosaka, Representative John Frullo of Lubbock has agreed to be our bill sponsor and the bill is now in drafting. It should be available for you to read sometime next week.Now I need YOUR help. I have put everything I have into this effort, now I am tapped out. BUT I have the bill, the bill sponsor, and the experience to get this done for Texas.I need to raise about $35,000 to get this done. You can help by joining the NFAFA at the highest level you can afford, or if you want to make a donation without joining, then call me personally at 520-404-8096.