November 13, 2014
Montana Hunting With Suppressors Bill!
MONTANA HUNTING WITH SUPPRESSORS BILL!At the request of the NFA Freedom Alliance, Montana State Senator Scott Sales (R) has filed a bill to make it legal to hunt with suppressors in Montana. In 2013 Governor Steve Bullock (D) vetoed HB205, a similar measure. In view of the recent election results, where Democrats lost to Republicans even in blue states, we are hopeful that this time around will be different.The NFAFA is also VERY close to securing a solid sponsor for “Shall Certify” legislation in Montana. Make sure you sign up for our free alerts on our homepage so we can keep you apprised of our progress!Also, the unfortunate reality is that getting this job done for NFA owners takes a lot of money and we can’t do it without your membership and contributions. Please consider joining the NFAFA today!